• AWASH® Pier and Dock System installed on the Maine Coast

    Our waterfront is tidal, and we wanted to minimize the environmental impacts in all aspects of the construction and use.

    We chose a custom color named “Heather” which we matched to the rocks and marine growth in the area. The beauty, strength and minimal visual impact of the dock exceeded even our expectations. Even the structures blend with the tidal flats and shoreline.

    A ramp was constructed of Serpent Scale® which gives us a safer and more user-friendly entrance than stairs.

    Our permitting agencies expressed appreciation that our dock system had minimal direct and indirect environmental impacts and that our construction did not require intrusive heavy equipment.

    We used no pressure treated materials in contact with the water and our piling spacing was greater than traditional docks because of the strength of our composites. We understand that our materials will look as new for many decades with minimal costly maintenance.

    We could not be more thrilled with our AWASH® Dock System!

  • AWASH® Dock System installed on Vermont lake

    The look, feel and utility of this surface are great and exceeded our expectations. It remains comfortable to touch on the hottest of days; something that is not true about our composite decking.

    We matched the color of our deck with the Serpent Scale® surface “Brickyard” that was sent to us as a custom sample.

    We ordered an additional float to configure the end of our “T” shape into a rectangle to create even greater surface area.

    The hardware addresses our need for flexibility at the deck connection when the water levels go up or down and rigidity at the other intersections so those units are stable for diving or getting in and out of our boats.

    A major concern was that the lake freezes in the winter and we needed to remove the floats seasonally. The AWASH® floats are easily separated and power washed to remove any marine growth. They stack very well and have negligible impact on the environment during installation, cleaning or storage.

    After a summer of enjoying the floats and reliable lake access, we are very pleased with the arrangement.

  • Serpent Scale® Panels save an existing dock structure

    I have a dock on the coast of Maine, and it takes a beating when the winds and seas are strong. I had a new float built five years ago, but it now looks old and unsafe, so I got estimates to build a new one. I was particularly concerned about splinters and weakened boards.

    [NxMar Solutions] advised me that the float structure was sound, and the deck could be covered with Serpent Scale® to address my concerns. Their price was a third of the new float estimates.

    I chose a color called “Oyster Bay” which looked nice with the weathered wood on my other dock structures as well as the trees along the shoreline.

    The float was power washed, scraped and painted and then Serpent Scale® was adhered and fastened to the deck. The wooden rails were replaced with fenders, cleats and new hardware. In less than a week, I had a float that looked brand new!

    The surface is amazing, and the utility of the float is safer and more convenient. I am planning to use the same Serpent Scale® to cover my 30′ runway and 100′ dock over the coming years. It is exciting to see a product that works so well and looks so beautiful.

    It makes our float a special spot where people want to sit and enjoy rather than just a place to pass through.

  • Other Serpent Scale® applications

    I have been a lobsterman on the coast of Maine for over three decades. In recent years, I have experienced greater fatigue and joint pain from the constant vibration and movement of my boat and gear.

    I discovered a new marine surface called Serpent Scale® at a Boat Show and arranged to have a panel of it made to put on a portion of my boat deck where I and a stern-man worked most often.

    I have been exceptionally pleased with the reduction in aches and fatigue that this surface has made given me.

    The surface provides excellent traction for my boots even when covered with seawater. It dampens the energy and absorbs impacts much better than my other surfaces.

    It also cleans up quickly and appears to be impervious to harsh sunlight and debris associated with fishing.

    I can see where it absorbs impacts and dampens noise better than other deck coatings.

    I have imagined many other applications for Serpent Scale® and am looking forward to coating other areas of my deck when the fishing season ends.

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