Other Serpent Scale® applications

I have been a lobsterman on the coast of Maine for over three decades. In recent years, I have experienced greater fatigue and joint pain from the constant vibration and movement of my boat and gear.

I discovered a new marine surface called Serpent Scale® at a Boat Show and arranged to have a panel of it made to put on a portion of my boat deck where I and a stern-man worked most often.

I have been exceptionally pleased with the reduction in aches and fatigue that this surface has made given me.

The surface provides excellent traction for my boots even when covered with seawater. It dampens the energy and absorbs impacts much better than my other surfaces.

It also cleans up quickly and appears to be impervious to harsh sunlight and debris associated with fishing.

I can see where it absorbs impacts and dampens noise better than other deck coatings.

I have imagined many other applications for Serpent Scale® and am looking forward to coating other areas of my deck when the fishing season ends.

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