Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Cetan is proud to offer Serpent Scale® as a unique anti-fatigue flooring surface. This highly innovative panel construction offers the same anti-bacterial, nonporous, cushioned surface that is used in marine dock and decking applications. While docks require ¾ inch Coosa Board for strength, however, indoor applications can use a Coosa board substrate as thin as ¼ inch, decreasing cost considerably. This product is perfect for high traffic areas, particularly where individuals have to repeatedly transit a specific section. Beneficiaries include, bartenders, kitchen staff, fast food preparers, cash register attendees, etc. Moreover, our incredibly durable flooring is impervious to stains, provides ADA anti-slip compliancy, and comes in an almost endless number of color combinations with variety of 24 individual granule colors to choose from.

The rugged nature of Serpent Scale® also allows this anti-fatigue application to extend to industrial production facilities where stationary shifts are often spent standing on unforgiving concrete. Use in these areas include “hot stations” where welding sparks and hot metal shards make traditional anti-fatigue matting unusable or rapidly consumable.

There is simply no better anti-fatigue flooring solution available in terms of durability, stain and bacterial protection, and ease of maintenance.

Our anti-fatigue flooring is designed specifically to promote the health, long-term physical care, and comfort of the people that support business operations…regardless of what business you are in.

We can create anti-fatigue flooring panels in color combinations that will compliment your existing flooring designs.

The Biggest Range and Highest Availability in the Market

As a leading producer of colored synthetic granules for bounded flooring systems we have committed to first-class quality and maximum color variety. However, we highly recommend specific lighter combinations to maximize its heat resistance qualities for outdoor applications.

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