Dock Components

The Problem:

  • Chemically treated wood is harmful to aquatic and riparian ecosystems.
  • In, under, and near water construction materials are increasingly regulated.
  • Walking surfaces become worn, hazardous, and unsightly with age.
  • Traditional deck materials retain heat making summer use uncomfortable.
  • Annual construction and maintenance costs continue to escalate.

The Solution:

  • Pre-designed to reduce installation costs and time.
  • Chemically inert composite structures that minimizes environmental impact.
  • Engineered materials that combine high strength, extended lifespan, and corrosion resistance.
  • Patented Serpent Scale rubberized surface that is durable, soft, slip and heat resistant.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Winter out-of-water storage is optional.

Cetan products feature composite design, marine grade stainless steel components and fasteners, and anti-fouling, anti-fatigue Serpent Scale® covering material – offering a patented design, more durable product, lower lifecycle costs, and an eco-friendly substitute to traditional wood or synthetic decking material.


24’ Long

42” Wide

36” Railings

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Hardware


12’ Long

8’ Wide

100 lbs./inch immersion, per tub

Bluewater 26

¾” Coosa Board Substrate/ Serpent Scale® Coating

* = Standard sizes; custom sizes available at no  extra  charge, excepting additional material.

Cetan System Benefits:

  • Attractive, premiere materials for new or replacement docks
  • Advanced for greater strength, durability and safety
  • Cooler, more comfortable walking/sunbathing decking
  • Lower visual and fixed environmental footprints
  • Minimal turbidity impact if float grounds out
  • No chemical or Styrofoam releases over lifecycle
  • Superior wet traction with low-wear surface
  • Custom surface colors and markings
  • No heavy equipment, hand-tool installation
  • Designed to withstand Hurricane winds and surges
  • Full component warranties

Cetan System Advantages:

  • Fire and UV resistant surfaces and structures
  • Conduit options for water and electricity
  • Built-in options for coolers, stowage, safety equipment
  • Lower cost DIY seasonal storage with davit and rollers
  • Recycle option without landfill impact or cost
  • Surface area increases with modular design
  • Sealed concrete fill for greater strength and weight
  • All stainless-steel bolts and custom hardware
  • Accommodates common dock options like swim ladders
  • Adjustable flotation heights

All metal hardware and fasteners are made of marine grade 316 stainless steel for the greatest degree of structural integrity, and corrosion resistance. Likewise, non-metal structural components, I-beams, rails, and “C” channels, are of the highest quality of composite construction. Combining the best materials available allows Cetan products to set the standard for quality fit and finish.

The Biggest Range and Highest Availability in the Market

As a leading producer of colored synthetic granules for bounded flooring systems we have committed to first-class quality and maximum color variety. However, we highly recommend specific lighter combinations to maximize its heat resistance qualities for outdoor applications.

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