Serpent Scale®️ Panels are patented marine decking that provide dramatic improvements over conventional wood and composite dock decking in terms of durability and heat resistance. Serpent Scale® generally comes in 4’x 8’ or 5’x 8’ panels, although custom sizes are also available. The panels consist of ¾” Coosa Board (a high-density polyurethane panel impregnated with fiberglass fibers, providing strength and stiffness) or PET (a thermoplastic polymer resin) substrate, covered with synthetic EPDM rubber granules encased and bonded with a one component, UV stable, solvent free straight aliphatic polyurethane prepolymer. The result is a surface that is cool to the touch even in the heat of summer, cushioned to ease extended periods of walking or standing, maintenance free for decades.

The Biggest Range and Highest Availability in the Market

As a leading producer of colored synthetic granules for bounded flooring systems we have committed to first-class quality and maximum color variety. However, we highly recommend specific lighter combinations to maximize its heat resistance qualities for outdoor applications.

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