Cetan Skan


At Cetan, we achieve our mission of creating outstanding customer value by offering industry-leading products and providing impeccable service. Neither of these qualities are achieved in a vacuum, rather, through diligent application of proven best business and manufacturing practices. At the core of this effort is a robust network of local manufacturers and service providers who share our passion for the customer, community, and the environment.

The most important component of our business model is intelligent design from the outset, collectively called “Cetan Skan.” We choose our product providers through rigorous evaluation and demanding criteria. Each of our suppliers are vetted and networked via Cetan to assure quality control, manufacturing efficiencies, and supply chain redundancy and resiliency.

From the outset our mission is to provide the highest quality products at the best customer price point. By design, most of Cetan’s chosen material manufacturers are in a 30-mile corridor centered around Johnstown. This model-by-design simplifies logistic and inventory costs, allowing these savings to be passed on to our customers.  Likewise, our raw material suppliers, were chosen with efficiency in mind. We are fortunate to receive our binding material from only an hour away (Harmony, PA) and our substrate and coating material from within 200 miles of our production facility. Like our subcomponent manufacturing construct, this arrangement lowers cost of goods sold, shortens lead times, and lowers our logistic carbon footprint.    

Cetan developed Cetan Skan to benefit our customers, our community, and our environment. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about how to create community-based efficiencies for your enterprise.

A Community in Motion

Cetan Skan Cetan Skan identifies economically underdeveloped areas with proximate, qualified, and overlapping raw material suppliers and subsystem manufacturers. This approach results in reduced transportation costs, lower carbon emissions, and greater supply chain resiliency. All of which benefit the customer and the local community.

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