AWASH® Dock System installed on Vermont lake

The look, feel and utility of this surface are great and exceeded our expectations. It remains comfortable to touch on the hottest of days; something that is not true about our composite decking.

We matched the color of our deck with the Serpent Scale® surface “Brickyard” that was sent to us as a custom sample.

We ordered an additional float to configure the end of our “T” shape into a rectangle to create even greater surface area.

The hardware addresses our need for flexibility at the deck connection when the water levels go up or down and rigidity at the other intersections so those units are stable for diving or getting in and out of our boats.

A major concern was that the lake freezes in the winter and we needed to remove the floats seasonally. The AWASH® floats are easily separated and power washed to remove any marine growth. They stack very well and have negligible impact on the environment during installation, cleaning or storage.

After a summer of enjoying the floats and reliable lake access, we are very pleased with the arrangement.

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