Our Story

Cetan Hydro came into being because of a chance introduction of two retired U. S. Navy Captains by a mutual colleague in 2020. The result was a rapid friendship and professional relationship that developed through a mutual interest in technology, and a passion for renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

In short order, the Cetan Hydro, LLC team was formed. Thanks to the exclusive rights to produce Serpent Scale®  panels and AWASH® dock components, Cetan Hydro offers customers a unique series of eco-friendly products that are produced only in the states of Pennsylvania and Maine. Working with Ph.D. chemists, the patented Serpent Scale® panels took over seven years to develop. The result is a remarkable decking material that sets the standard for functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

For indoor application, Serpent Scale® panels create the perfect anti-fatigue flooring surface. In addition to a wide array of color combinations, the panels are impervious to stains, moisture intrusion, and bacterial build up. The panels are easily customized to any design configuration and remarkably easy to clean using only water, and the occasional addition of only dish washing liquid for the toughest stains.

For outdoor and marine applications, Serpent Scale® panels combined with FRP structural support members, and marine grade 316 hardware and fasteners, create the most robust and attractive dock, decking, and bridging applications found anywhere.

We are proud to offer our customers a game-changing line of exclusive products that represent the apex of decking technology.

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